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Marketing Analysis

Marketing Analysis

The concept of Marketing Data Analysis is a pattern that ensures that the business is carried out in a completely planned way in this market, and it is necessary. The planned marketing process that proceeds in this way allows you to witness how efficiently you have been working since the beginning of the process.

Marketing Data Analysis considers how you work in your market, the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Data analysis may vary depending on internal and external factors. The existing data, that is, the data at hand, handles all marketing channels, keeps the aggregated data and combines it under a single roof.

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Why Is Marketing Data Analysis So Important?
What Exactly Can We Do With Marketing Data Analysis?
3 Important Stages of Marketing Data Analysis
Following the Path Based on Available Data
Why Is Marketing Data Analysis So Important?
In this case, if you decide to become an entrepreneur or an investor, you need to be able to understand what kind of responsibility you put yourself under. You need a vision for your company and you need some data to define it. As we mentioned in this, marketing data analysis is a must.

The return that may be profitable for you shows that this analysis works, and you will be encouraged to invest more heavily, and if the current market does not bring you profit, you refrain from approaching this business with some hesitation, thinking that you are wasting your time and effort.

You try to understand your customer’s situation and what he wants, and in this context, you try to offer them the product & service they want.

Of course, while doing these, you need to analyze your competitors in the market in detail, which can guide your work. Because calculating them means making a risk analysis in a sense.

Depending on all these varying reasons, marketing analysis is very important. This gives you an idea of ​​your current market position and not only that, it also inspires your employees in this business. For them, it brings with it future planning that will allow you to see your position and progress more efficiently.

What Exactly Can We Do With Marketing Data Analysis?
Marketing Data Analysis can help us in many different ways. For example, it gives information about how the market works, it helps you a lot about where you will participate and where you will be in the market. To give more examples, the pros of a data analysis are;

⦁ How are our company’s marketing initiatives today?
⦁ How good will we be in the long run?
⦁ Is there an opportunity for us to improve?
⦁ What more can we do to improve our current performance?
⦁ Why are our competitors ahead of us?
⦁ What do they do differently from us?
⦁ Should we reconsider our plans?
⦁ Do we use our existing resources efficiently?
⦁ Do we need to use the money and time we have for something different?
⦁ What should be the right things to prioritize?

In fact, these questions push us to make the right planning. These are the questions that their companies naturally ask themselves constantly. These are all important questions and questions that need to be rethought when giving answers. This is exactly where Marketing Data Analysis helps us. For us to find the right answer, for our company’s planning process to run smoothly.

3 Important Stages of Marketing Data Analysis
In order to benefit from Marketing Data Analysis in the most efficient way, it is necessary to analyze the 3 most important different stages of the market correctly. To comprehend the future results based on the past and the present. When we move forward like this, we will have much better strategies in the market, as well as the best possible results. Let’s take a look at how we will overcome these stages;

Past Reports: When you go back in time, you can see all the failed strategies and analyze how your company will move forward without making that mistake. Faulty strategies in the past mean that you will not make this mistake and you will make more money for your company. In this way, you guarantee that you will not fall into the mistakes made.
Today’s Market Reports: Data analysis in your market allows you to understand the market much better. You can see what kind of methods work where, and analyze how customers respond to your current marketing plans. You go through this process so that you will be better in the future and not make mistakes.
Analyzing the Future: It is the action that will lay the foundation for how you should plan for the future. You will make assumptions and possibilities by following the trends, declines and rises in the current market and apply a strategy in this direction to your company. You can leave a mark in the market you are in so that the future does not destabilize, in this direction, the loyalty of the customer and the return on investment.