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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing? It is the name given to the marketing approach that focuses on the continuous production and distribution of valid, valuable, and continuous content in order to influence the target audience, engage and generate profitable customer action.

The purpose of Content Marketing; to influence customers and establish sustainable bonds with said customers through effective and continuous content sharing and compilation. Content marketing is based on the idea of ​​changing and improving customer behavior.

Content Marketing; Present and Future of Marketing!

Traditional Promotion vs. Content Marketing

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In short; Content marketing is the art of communicating with customers and potential customers without making a sale.
In Content Marketing, it is essential to share information that will make the customers more conscious about the subject, rather than putting your products and services in the eyes of the customer.

The essence of the aforementioned content strategy is; The idea is that if we, as businesses, continue to provide customers with consistent, continuous and valuable information, they will reward us with their business and loyalty. And this idea is often confirmed, with buyers rewarding you and your consistent communication at the end of the process.

It is no coincidence that the world’s most powerful marketing companies such as P&G, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, John Deere place great emphasis on Content Marketing. In addition to large companies, even small businesses and single-person shops do Content Marketing.

Content Marketing
Present and Future of Marketing!

Read the Content Marketing definition again, but this time remove the words “valid” and “value” from the definition. The definition that emerges when we take those two words out is the difference between content marketing and traditional promotion that is just trying to sell you something.

Businesses using traditional promotional methods constantly bombard us with information, and often none of these information stacks contain information that is neither relevant nor valuable (they can also be called spam for short). It is this quality of validity and value that makes Content Marketing so important in today’s world where every single individual is imposed on thousands of marketing messages every day. A good content marketing strategy allows people to stop and read, think and develop different behaviors.

The consensus of many thought leaders and marketing experts, such as Seth Godin, is that Content Marketing is not the future of marketing; is that it is now, that it is the moment itself.

Although Content Marketing is thought to be a new type of communication, the roots of this marketing approach go back to ancient times, and brands have been telling their own stories for centuries.